Be Brave by Samantha

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Never give up. Keep going. Be brave, the angels are with you. SAM’S BIT: When you are feeling the most resistence,the most struggle, the most pain it is through this moment that your breakthrough comes. It is in this moment that the Angels stand close holding you up against the challenges of this world. Be brave. You are not alone. Keep trying. Keep going. You are loved and you are blessed.© #psychicdiva

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Life Rewards the Brave

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be brave. When the Angels see you keep trying and not give up, you will be rewarded. SAM’S BIT: Even the struggles serve purpose, they belong but they are temporary. If you are disgruntled and giving off the energy of defeat know that that is what you will receive, situations where life defeats you. When we persevere and don’t give up the Angels walk beside us nudging us into the right direction. Keep going today, achieve something beautiful. Don’t give up. You are loved and you are blessed.

Life is for Living.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: You are simply here to enjoy life. SAM’S BIT: The real purpose of your existence was to descend to this Earth and enjoy the life you are living. To experience what it means to be alive. Not to live in fear creating challenges and difficulties around you. Remember it’s about enjoying it. Feeling out of alignment? Take time today to enjoy life, create happiness, experience love and laugh loud. Life is for living. Love and blessings x

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It’s Almost Here!

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: The angels are so excited for you, the energy of love is on it’s way. SAM’S BIT: Can you feel the energy of love coming in, whether it’s love of a person, a home, a role, something you will do, an animal or even new shoes, it’s there. It’s there for you to feel. There is a new flow of love coming your way and the Angels are excited about the prospect of you feeling this way. Smile and allow this love in, it’s a gift. Love and blessings x

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Peace is Endless

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR THE WEEKEND: Be at peace with your world. SAM’S BIT: Whatever is going on around you is exactly that, around you, not within you. For within you is your own inner peace. Tap into this peace, take a deep breath and don’t kept life knock you sideways. Situations are always temporary, inner peace is endless. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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